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Sports & Entertainment

It's a dangerous world for professional athletes and entertainers. One misstep can ruin a career. A bad decision or reckless remark can irreparably damage one's reputation and market value.

Living in the public eye, sports and entertainment celebrities are at high risk. They are targeted by criminals, flimflam artists, paparazzi and stalkers. Anything can happen anytime.

To safeguard the careers of professional athletes and entertainers, ExecutiveAction has created a special 7/24 service. Our professionals work with clients to anticipate and prevent problems from occurring in the first place. But if they cannot be prevented, we help manage them to assure the best outcome.

Our team of professionals includes security and public relations experts, crisis managers, private investigators, analysts, and attorneys.  We have unmatched experience and capabilities to:

  • Prevent and manage attacks, threats, and lawsuits
  • Prevent and manage crises
  • Provide security solutions
  • Protect franchise value and goodwill

Our goal is to maximize clients' net worth, while providing security and guidance to ensure continued success. Specific services include:

Pre-Season Training & Seminars

Our no-nonsense, pre-season training courses and seminars discuss real-world vulnerabilities and ways to avoid them. By knowing potential risks and pitfalls – and how best to deal with them – serious problems can be avoided.

Our highly experienced experts provide training and seminars on the following topics:

  • Substance abuse
  • Ambush journalism
  • Travel security
  • Confrontation avoidance
  • Illegal wagering
  • Honey traps
  • Self protection
  • Defensive driving
  • Specialized media training

Additional seminars and training courses can be developed to meet specific requirements of clients.

Crisis Management

Crises come in every shape and disaster. We work with clients to steer clear of problems and to manage crises when they cannot be avoided. We stand ready to dispatch a multidisciplinary crisis management team to solve any problem. Our team of experts includes:

  • Former law enforcement and intelligence officers
  • Trained negotiators
  • Political experts
  • Communication experts
  • Analysts
  • Military veterans
  • Lawyers

Event & Venue Security

Sports stadiums face a wide range of threats, from unruly fans and vandalism to injuries, accidents, demonstrations and terrorist attacks.

Our security experts have conducted security assessments of professional and college sports stadiums across the country. We work with on-site security professionals to ensure the venues are adequately secured, procedures are up-to-date, and personnel are trained to respond to potential risks.

Personnel Screening & Background Investigations

Failure to conduct screening and background investigations can cause embarrassment, costly litigation, and undue media attention.

We conduct comprehensive, discreet and timely investigations to validate and verify resumes. To conduct a basic background check, we:

  • Interview key individuals
  • Search public and proprietary databases
  • Search civil and criminal records

Brand & Trademark Protection

Billions of dollars are lost annually in brand and trademark counterfeiting. Our investigators, security professionals, and legal support team root out the counterfeiters and bring pressure to bear to put them out of business.

EASE Emergency Phone Card

We provide a personalized, 24/7 emergency hotline for clients. Clients are issued an ExecutiveAction Sports & Entertainment (EASE) card that has a personalized 24/7 number to call in an emergency.

When contacted, we quickly assess any situation and provide expert guidance. If necessary, a crisis management team is immediately dispatched.

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