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Information Strategies and Services

ExecutiveAction provides a single point of contact for solutions to corporate IT problems, from security and forensics to technical issues, data integrity, and human resources.  Our professionals also have experience in proactive IT system design, system deployment and life-cycle management.

Large IT networks are architecturally unique.  When problems arise they are often clustered, involving multiple hardware and software issues, as well has human processes. 

To develop solutions to sets of different problems require different experts.  As a result, we first assess network problems from the production environment level to the board room.  We then assemble a team of world-class professionals to develop the most effective solutions. By this method, we facilitate and expedite solutions, saving companies time and resources.  In our view, a holistic approach is most often the best solution, which allows scalability and increased security. 

Unlike many vendors, we do not promote specific company products; we determine the best solutions whatever the product, company or method.  We also do not believe the right solution is always the latest technology. 

Once solutions are developed, we work with clients in their implementation while ensuring business continuity.  Our goal is to make each solution sustainable within the organization we are working.

ExecutiveAction also proactively evaluates the merits of new and existing technologies to determine their impact on:

  • Application security
  • Infrastructure security
  • Intrusion and extrusion detection
  • Sustainability within the work environment

We work with companies to integrate new projects with the most current IT processes, change management processes, and we train staff to manage the new IT initiatives.

Case Study 1

Below is a typical network problem and vendor response:

More than 20,000 employees at a financial company were losing connection with internal servers, internal applications, and email.  The problems seemed random.  To troubleshoot the difficulties, the company assembled a team of venders.  Initially the vendors blamed each other for the problems.  When the low-level technicians couldn't find a solution, the issues were gradually elevated to higher-level experts.  More than two weeks of interrupted service was suffered before a "workaround" solution was finally determined. 

ExecutiveAction's solution:

We rapidly assess network problems from an independent perspective and assemble a team of highly talented experts.  There is no finger pointing or delay.  Issues do not have to be gradually elevated to higher expert levels.  Our professionals have "Tier 3" experience to resolve issues for Fortune 100 companies and public agencies. We quickly get to the bottom of a problem and determine the best solution.

Case Study 2

A company suspected a data breach:

An ExecutiveAction IT specialist quickly assessed the situation.  Working as the onsite "eyes," the specialist determined other systems were also compromised, including the telephone system, file server, outsourced email, intrusion from the Internet and extrusion to the Internet.  All the systems appeared "clean" on the surface but the detailed investigation demonstrated that while security systems appeared functional, security had been compromised.

ExecutiveAction's solution:

ExecutiveAction determined what services and data were compromised within 48 hours. Detailed plans and steps to remediate the security breeches were developed by a secondary team working in parallel with the onsite IT specialists.  We did not get bogged down in "talk"; we addressed the problem to quickly protect the client's intellectual resources.

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