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Everyone has, from time-to-time, problems and challenges that are unique, where the stakes are high and traditional thinking and methods fall short. It is for such situations that ExecutiveAction was created. We are the most unique business solutions and decision-support firm in the world.

When your reputation, the share value and profitability of your company, or even the lives of your family or employees are on the line, you need ExecutiveAction. If you are under attack by political or business adversaries, unsure of how to do business in emerging markets, or being treated unfairly in the media, then you need ExecutiveAction.

We have successfully handled racial, gender, and environmental problems, conducted internal investigations, thwarted attacks from single-issue extremists, and developed comprehensive legislative, legal, and public relations strategies for clients around the world.

  • When a CEO disappeared, the family retained us to find him;
  • When a well-known Hollywood businessman was murdered, we were the first call his company made. We coordinated the investigation on behalf of his company and protected the firm's executives and assets;
  • When a prominent consumer products company wanted a strategy for entering the Russian market, we were selected to develop the plan;
  • When a biotech firm needed just the right expert, we launched a search;
  • When a Defense Minister of a major country wanted help in protecting his nation from the threat of chemical, biological and radiological attack, he asked for a meeting from us;
  • When a leading financial institution needed due diligence regarding firms it was doing business with, we were hired;
  • When Fortune 500 companies wanted to cut their litigation costs and achieve more results, they called us; and
  • When families wanted to sue terrorists who had killed their loved ones, we joined the fight.

We have worked in more than three dozen countries on four continents. We will go anywhere a U.S. passport is legal. Our resources include attorneys, former intelligence and law enforcement officials, public relations experts, journalists, and veterans of the special operations community. Think of us as a McKinsey & Company with muscle, a private CIA and Defense Department available to address your most intractable problems and difficult challenges.

Wherever you need help, we can call upon our network of global experts for results. We are not wedded to old thinking or stymied by bureaucratic inertia. We provide action now, 24/7, 365 days of the year.

Other cases conducted by ExecutiveAction personnel include the following:

  • M&A due diligence and investigations;
  • Security assessments;
  • Litigation support in a wide array of cases;
  • Searches for missing Americans, both at home and abroad;
  • Representation of companies charged with OFAC violations;
  • Comprehensive investigations of intellectual property violations, product counterfeiting, and trademark infringement;
  • Training of police, executive protection details, and first responders;
  • Protection of supply chains for top corporations;
  • Product tampering investigations;
  • Country risk assessments;
  • Investigation into the murder of Americans in the Middle East by Al Qaeda and expert witness testimony;
  • Recovery of stolen assets;
  • Development of business plans and strategies for firms seeking to market new law enforcement, homeland security, and defense products in the U.S. and abroad;
  • Debt recovery; and
  • Campaigns to defend companies under media attacks.

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